community-2Surdax embarked on a massive cleanup campaign by adopting the Fourth Street mid road islands from Hebert Chitepo to Josiah Tongogara avenues. This is after the company realised that the once well-maintained road previously manicured with flowers blooming islands had turned into an eye sore.

Before adopting this stretch of the road situated right in the heart of the affluent Avenues area, the road had turned to be a habitat for vagrants and was heavily littered with no bins in sight.

Surdax famed for its business motto “Making you look good”, then stepped up and started maintaining the grounds, cutting  grass, providing refuse bins and putting some flowers .

Our Managing Director, Roselyn Charehwa, said the purpose of doing this was in keeping with our motto of “making you look good” and our vision of bettering the community through active participation by providing jobs to the vulnerable members of the society as well as keeping the environment looking good and in a sustainable way.

“Our intention is to keep providing this service until City of Harare finds a solution to its perennial problem of litter”, Charehwa promised.

Surdax’s CSR project has generated interest from peers and fellow business people. It has challenged many to also adopt council land for maintenance and giving back to the community. The company hopes more corporates will emulate it by adopting the surrounding city roads by taking care of them so that Harare can reclaim the Sunshine City Status again.

The CSR Network of Zimbabwe appreciated the good work Surdax is doing and also invited more companies to take a leaf from the good work Surdax is doing.